Group Membership (including up to 2 hours each month of One on One coaching, a four hour group meeting, and a bi-monthly 2.5 hour workshop) is $750/month with a $500 set-up fee

Trial Group Membership is $1000 for ninety days (includes attendance at 3 group meetings and one sample hour of One on One coaching)

One on One Coaching -- if you are a group member and need more than 2 hours in a given month -- is $250/hour (billed in one hour increments)

One on One Coaching -- if you are not a group member -- is $350/hour for in person coaching and $250/hour for Skype or phone coaching (billed in one hour increments)

Everyone is eligible for a no-cost one hour coaching session either by Skype or in person please click here to schedule

Group membership is contractual please see a copy of the contract here

All members are required to sign our Mutual Confidentiality Agreement  -- trust and confidentiality are essential to the group process