Remedy101 is a service offered to non-profit leaders and is a membership benefit available at reduced rates to organizations who are part of NOYS: the National Organizations for Youth Safety.  One third of all revenue from this program goes directly to NOYS to further their efforts at ensuring safer environments for the youth of today and tomorrow.  Because NOYS is a 501(c)(3) (Tax ID 65-1252562,  that portion of fees may be tax deductible  -- check with your tax advisor.  Not more than two for-profit organization leaders may join each 12-15 person group.  Fees for for-profit organizations are available upon request.


Non-Profit  or Government
NOYS Member

Non-Profit or Government
but NOT a NOYS Member

For Profit
NOYS Members only

Group Participation


$500 setup


$500 setup



Try-it-Out Offer

$1000 for 90 days

$1250 for 90 days

$2000 for 90 days

One on One Coaching (virtual)

$250/hr  (billed by the hour)

$300/hr  (billed by the hour)

$400/hr  (billed by the hour)

One on One Coaching (in person)

$1000 per 4 hours plus travel

$1200 per 4 hours plus travel

$1500 per 4 hours plus travel

Group Membership includes one hour each month of One on One coaching and a four hour virtual group meeting.

The "Try-It-Out" Trial Group Membership for ninety days includes attendance at 3 group meetings and one sample hour of One on One coaching.  

Everyone is eligible for a no-cost half hour virtual coaching session please click here to schedule

Group membership is contractual please see a copy of the contract here

All members are required to sign our Mutual Confidentiality Agreement  -- trust and confidentiality are essential to the group process