Our members are challenged by the growth opportunities open to their organizations and to themselves.   For members this portion of every meeting is an opportunity to find and test new ideas.  They might ask such questions as:  How do I develop new business strategies to grow my company? Differentiate my organization and better master digital marketing? Better implement a revenue growth model? How do we increase sales through more effective techniques?  How do I foster innovation within my team?  Better communicate objectives clearly and effectively? Improve self management skills to better manage others? Build a strong organizational culture and drive both employee and stakeholder engagement?  How do I get control of my life back so that I can spend time with my family?


Of course, our members also face immediate issues that needed answers yesterday.  This portion of every meeting is am opportunity for members to help one another in moving past being stuck, to stop chasing solutions or promises that no longer seem to be working, or in dealing with the intractable problem that somehow never goes away.  They might ask such questions as:  How do I deal with the long-time employee who is no longer fully contributing?  How do we deal with a shrinking market or new on-line competitors?  How do we overcome our customers' frozen image of us as we were ten years ago - so that they can see what we offer them today?  How do we fix a supply chain problem or a regulatory issue?    How do I keep my sanity while dealing with this mess?

When Hillary Clinton said "it takes a village" who knew she was describing the context of leadership as well as child raising?  There is an African proverb which applies here: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  Each group is in this together with all of its members.  Our goals are organizational and personal growth -- i.e. empowering you as both a leader and a person.