Michael Lissack is a recognized leader in the science of understanding how context matters and a serial entrepreneur.  He has advised business leaders for more than two decades as an advisor, board member, professor, and consultant.  Michael has helped innumerable business people with his sound and  broad knowledge and experience, and imaginative "out-of-the-box" advice about finance,  organization, and marketing.
Michael leads a non-profit group called Empowering Victims dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and school age bullying and a real estate technology company called CertifiedFSBOs.  He founded an academic research institute, launched an international Ph.D. program in corporate anthropology, authored half dozen books, was a highly successful Wall Street infrastructure banker, and has been a candidate for public office. 

Michael teaches part-time at Tongji University in Shanghai and is a regular Huffington Post contributor.  Worth Magazine honored him as one of "Wall Street's 25 Smartest Players" in 1999. Michael has a doctorate from Henley management College in the UK, an MBA/MPPM from the Yale School of Management and a BA from Williams College.

Michael grew up in Marblehead and returned to the North Shore in 2014.  He lives in Salem.

mission, vision & CORE VALUES

  • The Mission

    Helping North Shore organizations prosper and grow is what we are all about.  When Michael moved back to the North Shore he was determined to find a way to give back to the community that raised him.  Confidential peer-to-peer mastermind groups are a key element in keeping a community thriving, but that concept was missing on Boston's North Shore.  Remedy101 Coaching's groups not only work together to  help their members, they also are dedicated to helping the entire community thrive.  A resilient North Shore -- that's the mission.

  • THE Vision

    A few groups of a dozen local organization leaders each who work together to help each of them thrive.  Collectively a team  which has the added focus of giving back and service to the community.  We all know how special a place the North Shore is to live -- let's prove it can be equally as special as a place where organizations and businesses thrive.


    Integrity, Trust, and Confidentiality are critical.  The group process cannot work without these.  What is said in the group stays in the group and will not be used for any other purpose.  Caring, Listening, Questioning, and Sharing are what makes the process work.  Our members share in a spirit of caring.  They truly listen and ask meaningful questions.  And when they do all this magic happens.  The insights are very real and so are the results.


Lisa Sugarman on work life balance, Tom Koulopoulos on millennials, Rita Ferrandino on organizational focus, Ron Schultz on mindfulness, Larry Snowhite on dealing with the government, Rob Weisenberg on technology, Mark Fleming on marketing, Stephen Chow on intellectual property, and more. 


Michael provided us with sound guidance and great ideas.  Most important though was his ability to get us to ask questions of ourselves that we had never thought of asking.  Beyond invaluable ...

Harry ThompSON

The group process produced insights within minutes.  It truly is amazing to see what happens when you put a dozen people who actually care at work on a problem.  It can be addicting ....

Jessica PrEston

Twenty years of teaching and 35+ years of business have combined to make Michael Lissack a profoundly insightful coach.  The questions he asks are what makes every Michael experience powerful.