An important part of the Remedy101 Coaching service is monthly one-on-one coaching sessions between the member and Michael Lissack. The overarching goal of this coaching experience is to help you be the very best version of yourself as a leader, executive, and whole person. At times this can feel like a blend of therapy, board discussion, and Olympic cross-training.  Every session will be different -- what will be common will be the method -- Michael asks questions: lots of questions. The focus is on your advancement as you define it, a definition that usually evolves.

There is ample literature available about the benefits of coaching.   You might consider this article from the Harvard Business Review or this study from Stanford. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says the best advice he ever got was to get a coach. Bill Gates emphatically says everyone should have a coach. Coaching isn't a panacea. It won't work for someone who doesn't have a desire to learn and grow. But, the most important criterion is a simple one: are you getting all the insights you need so that both you and your organization can grow?  If the answer is no, then Remedy101 Coaching can make that a "yes".

Those insights empower results:

Hard results - greater productivity, faster promotions, bigger profits. Deeper learnings - about yourself, how you're perceived, where you can improve. Faster action - advancing things faster and with greater precision. Space to hear your own voice - to talk something through and gain perspective. Awareness of perspectives, beliefs, and attitudes that may be holding you back. Support and confidence to "lean in" and make bold moves. Clarity on your values and what you stand for, which leads to greater conviction. Ideas for ways to improve that you may not see - awareness of blind spots. Emotional support, empathy, and encouragement - feels less lonely. The cold truth others won't tell you. Third-party moderation for 360-reviews, strategic planning, and conflict resolution. Support for improving specific skills - communication, delegation, conflict management, team building, persuasion, etc.


Remedy101 Coaching is about questions.  In individual coaching sessions the questions are used to help you focus on the deeper levels of your issue, opportunity, or challenge and to help you frame the topic so that you can get the most valuable insights you can from your fellow group members. 

"What is the most important thing you and I should talk about today?"   Help me understand this better. "What is going on? How long has it been going on? Am I understanding you correctly?"  Help me understand both the opportunity and its impacts.  What has this issue meant in terms of hours?  money? emotions? opportunities? relationships? (yes including your family)?  "If nothing changes, what's likely to happen? What is at stake for you and for the organization?"  How will others be impacted if you allow the status quo to remain?

And what have you done about it so far?  Yes, you.  What is your role in all this?  Are there things you could have done differently?  Are those prior decisions or sunk costs weighing on you as you look at today?  "What about all this has your name written on it?"  What stories are you telling yourself about how you got to here?  What stories are you telling others?  And what stories are keeping you up at night?

If you had the magic wand to make it all good, what would that look like?  How is that different from today?  What are the obstacles standing in your way?  What story do you want to be able to tell?  How do we get there?  What don't we know?  What do we know but don't want to admit?  What do your competitors, employees, customers, vendors, regulators etc. know that you are trying to ignore?  What do you know that you believe they are trying to ignore?

Can we turn all this into a "How do I?"

The questions are seldom easy.  But, that is exactly why you have a coach.  Someone has to ask them.

The insights cannot happen if the questions are never asked.