The role of the coach is not to provide answers but to help you ask better questions.  We are committed to your success and work to stimulate the insights, creative thinking, and issue framing that will get you there.

In our future focused sessions, the issues which come up concern how to help an organization grow or the leader to grow.  Many of our constraints are imposed by how we think about the issue. The group's role is to generate those added perspectives and new insights which allow the leader to see added possibilities and new opportunities.

In our problem focused sessions, the constraints imposed by our mental models of the problem or situation get re-examined through new eyes.  Many a breakthrough emerges.

Remedy101 Coaching is not just about your business or organization -- it is also about you as a person.  One of our colleagues likes to joke that the coaching is "about making CEO's human again."  To be an effective leader, to help your organization get where you want it to be, you need to also attend to yourself. 

One power of the group is the ability to recognize you are not in this alone.  Others have been in your shoes and have found their own paths to balance and happiness.  Their insights can guide you to your own path.

Success cannot be measured by numbers alone.  We are part of a community, have a family, employees, customers, stakeholders, and more.  Creating enough value so that we each can give something back is essential.  Success is about how ready and resilient we are for the future.  Each of our groups aims to help you achieve such success.


Everyone who is running an organization or part of an organization.

Being a leader can be invigorating, and it can be exhausting.  As we use up the energy, learning and insight that we've gathered from our years running our organization we wonder where will our new learning come from? How do we replenish those stores of expertise that guide those around us? While we are busy ensuring that the people around us grow and develop, how do we make sure that we do likewise?

No matter where you stand on the corporate ladder, being a leader in today's business, non-profit or government worlds is a tough, sometimes even isolating experience. Of course, there are many people you can turn to for advice. You will certainly get an opinion from your closest co-workers. You may then turn to colleagues (inside or outside your organization) for a second opinion. But there is another option, one that most people never seek out, and it is the most important one of all -- the third opinion.

Through a confidential peer-to-peer mastermind group. everyone from CEOs and senior executives to department heads and managers can turn to a loyal and diverse inner circle of advisers, experts, mentors, confidants, and thinking partners, all eager to offer their unvarnished insight. We all can benefit from having a set of thinking partners -- not people with answers, but people with questions.  These partners can help you ask and answer questions about your future and the future of your organization. 

What can a mastermind group offer that other networks can't? Outside insight--the most trustworthy, loyal, unbiased perspective that exists. You can't create the undivided loyalty of outside insight solely within the confines of your organization, and it cannot be bought. Rather, it's a result of developing powerful reciprocal relationships.  Remedy101 Coaching is here to help you find and create these relationships from among other non-profit organization leaders.  Twelve minds can create insights you alone cannot.  Better insights lead to better results.  Our groups and our coaching empower you to do the next step, whatever that may be.